Welcome to Shine Creative.

My name is Kirstie Box and I’m a freelance graphic designer and copywriter.

During 2012 I took the decision to ‘row my own boat’, having been the Creative Director of a busy design agency for the last fourteen years.  During that time I managed and delivered projects for a plethora of small to medium sized businesses, blue chips and public sector organisations.  Whilst I’m proud to have been instrumental in the success of several award-winning projects, I took greater pleasure in the positive impact my creative contribution had on our clients’ businesses.

Fast forward to the present day and I work from home in Cheshire. My days are spent doing what I love – using my skills, knowledge and experience to deliver creative solutions with measurable results.

The pitfalls of being “Jack of all trades…master of none”
I’m a great believer in concentrating on what you do best! Whilst I’m fortunate to have a wealth of experience in a number of creative ‘fields’ I never tackle a project or area that I’m not familiar with and confident of its successful outcome.  So for example, if you’re in the market for a fancy mobile phone app then I’m not your woman – however chances are I know someone who is.  One of the many benefits of my ‘previous life’ and a major asset that I bring to my client relationships is a host of excellent industry contacts. Be assured however that I would never work alongside or recommend anyone that would compromise your business needs or my hard earned reputation.

“Valuing the old whilst embracing the new”

        I’m part of an industry that moves like lightening and I actively embrace new methods and technology. However I do believe that certain fundamental principles prevail.  My role is to support you in enhancing your profile and communicating effectively to your target audience by delivering distinctive and engaging marketing materials.

What makes me different?

          Having done my time at the ‘sharp end’, I understand many of the constraints and complexities of running a business and I hope this gives an added empathy and commercial perspective to my offering. I’m not afraid of hard work and long hours to get the job done and am realistic that sometimes things are needed ‘yesterday’. I’m not ‘precious’ about the work I get involved with, so if you’ve got a new project you’d like me to look at I’d be delighted but I’m equally comfortable to pick up where someone else left off if the need arises. Whilst professional, I like to think of myself as friendly and approachable (but then don’t we all!). I’m reliable, a stickler for attention to detail and my customers value my responsiveness and ability to produce innovative, quality work on time and to budget.

Cutting to the chase, I work from home, which means my costs are not comparable to those of a larger creative agency.  So my rates reflect this! In a nutshell I’ve got all of the ‘fancy’ skills without the ‘fancy’ price tag!

If you’d like to have a chat, please get in touch.