Advertising is a complex area.  It can represent a significant media investment and so it’s vital that your ad conveys a strong visual message and is unique and memorable in its delivery.

When asked to design adverts, where appropriate I try to work to the following principles:-

  1. Create intrigue – we’re aiming to draw in your audience, to quickly spark their interest and to induce a reaction of “what’s this all about”?
  2. Evoke emotion – our challenge here is to stir positive feelings or memories and create a mood or tone that closely reflect your brand ethos.
  3. Association – it’s important to create something that the reader can relate to.
  4. Identify an issue or problem – we may be seeking to demonstrate something that they may be striving to overcome or have a need for.
  5. Create a solution – presenting an interesting, attractive offer that encourages them to take the next step.

I’ve worked on both consumer and B2B advertising campaigns and am particularly experienced in recruitment advertising. My copywriting skill complements my ability to produce strong, persuasive visual concepts.

I’ve also been lucky enough to establish a number of media contacts over the years, so if you need some help with media buying then I’d be more than happy to lend a hand.