Most web-based projects require two clear disciplines – design and development. Whilst the two roles go very much ‘hand in hand’, it’s rare that one individual will combine all the skills you need to successfully deliver your project.

Web design

My area of expertise is web design.  My focus is on understanding your market, your customers and your objectives in order to realise your vision. My role is to create a professional, aesthetically pleasing site with a strong user interface design and a focus on usability and optimised content. I have a well-honed appreciation of the balance of ‘shiny bells and whistles’ versus the practicalities and technical constraints and challenges that you may face.

The slideshow on this page represents examples of sites that I have designed that range from small, static sites to database driven, content managed sites and e-commerce solutions.

Web Development

Web development is a broad term that encompasses many and varied skills. There’s a plethora of programming methods out there and different approaches that you can take depending upon both your requirements and your budget. If your site is only ever intended to be a small, ‘brochure’ site with static content then you’re likely to require a different skill set than if you need a database, e-commerce solution or a complex integration with another application.

I work alongside a number of excellent developers encompassing a broad range of skills. My technical appreciation of the process means that I can select the best programming solution for the job depending on your current and future objectives and with an emphasis on value for money.  I can manage the process through from start to finish so you have one point of contact, are shielded from any ‘technical jargon’ and enjoy a continuity of service.